#1 - A Mathematician Flips a Coin, Persi Diaconis, Stanford University, 28 October 2020 - 2pm GMT
(Speaker's introduction by Rogério Martins, CMA & DM, FCT NOVA)

One postdoctoral fellowship is opened within the scope of the research unit “Center for Mathematics and Applications” (CMA) financed by “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.”. (ref. UIDP/00297/2020 and UIDB/00297/2020).

Deadline: 27 October to 27 November 2020


The PhD student Paulo G. Santos is presenting a poster to the Ciência 2020, one of the biggest conferences on science in Portugal. The poster explores the work that the student and Professor Reinhard Kahle have been developing on k-provability, a bounded notion of provability.


João Araújo, CMA member, was elected, on July 14th 2020, President of the Portuguese Mathematical Society for the 2020/2022 biennium.


The PhD student Paulo G. Santos at CMA was awarded the prestigious joint scholarship by Fulbright and FCT (Fulbright Scholarship for Research with the support of FCT - Foundation for Science and Technology).

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