Algebra and Logic

Hyperbolic planeWelcome to the Algebra and Logic Group webpage. We are one of the research groups at the Centre of Mathematics and Applications (CMA) hosted by the Department of Mathematics of NOVA University Lisbon.

The group works on a number of interrelated areas within Algebra and Logic: structural and combinatorial properties of transformation semigroups; young tableaux, crystals, and algebra; automata & semigroups; combinatorics on words, Ramsey theory, graph decomposition and turan function; linear & multilinear algebra; algebraic, differential, and noncommutative geometry; mathematical logic; ordered algebraic structures; and finite fields. In addition, the group is interested in developing experimental mathematics, assisted by computational tools, to gain new insights in the different areas of our research.

Currently we have 28 members and we collaborate with many researchers from various countries. Our group has greatly expand in recent years, hosting Ph.D. and postdoc researchers, and it includes young and active researchers. As part of our mission we support the master and the Ph.D programe at the Department of Mathematics of NOVA University Lisbon, either teaching a variety of classes, from general to specialized topics of Algebra and Logic, and guiding students in the most recent research topics.

We invite you to explore our website, where you will find the highlights, the upcoming conferences, and information about our weekly seminar. You can also find the publications and projects developed by the members of the Algebra & Logic Group. For further details on our Postgraduate courses and on research opportunities please feel free to contact any of our members and see the webpage of the math department here.