Business and industrial collaborations

Schedule trains

How should trains that arrive at a railway station in constant intervals be scheduled so that the safety interval between two trains is maximum? This is a timetabling problem which we call the train frequency compatibility (TFC) problem.


Development of a methodology for automatic generation of laboring timetabling for the AMT with the best adjustment to the predefined man work daily needs and in accordance to laboring rules.

ESGI 101

Using past information on published daily data identifying production and/or technologies offers by the different units for past supply curves, the goal is to match, in the daily publication of offers from various supply units, each block to the corresponding supply unit.


Automatize and speed up the overall process of assigning shoes to boxes, and to optimize the packing shoe boxes, in such way that permits to reduce the size of the card box.


Actuarial Evaluation of the National Portuguese Public Employees Pension Scheme. Evaluation of the current formulation (including estimates up to 2060) and impact of proposed legislative measures. The developed report integrated the set of files to be delivered to the Portuguese Constitutional Court in 2013. The report is cited in Acordão 862/2013. Date: November 2013


This work was realized in the context of the ‘The 92nd European Study Group with Industry 2013’, held in the Coimbra Institute of Engineering. The task of this work was to forecast customer’s energy consumption based on his individual consumption history. We had a dataset with consumers electricity consumption to train and test the mathematical model.

ATM Machine

Resolution of a stock management problem associated with the replacement of cash in ATM machines.