Business & Industry

CMA has a history of successful collaborations with industry.  Several members have been involved in projects to solve complex real problems and courses to meet the needs of companies for expertise and training in innovative areas.  CMA research groups have developed knowledge and research leadership in Actuarial Sciences, Statistics, Big Data, Mathematical Modelling, Optimization, and Financial Mathematics. 

CMA is a member of the Portuguese Network for Industry and Innovation - PT-MATHS-IN - that aims to leverage industrial mathematics and to promote knowledge transfer between Academia and the Industrial sector.  CMA also participates in the CROSSIDEAS initiative in partnership with the AIP-CCI, to facilitate the matching of the challenges facing SMEs to the skills of FCT NOVA Research Centers in the areas of Circular Economy, Energy Transition and Climate Change.

CMA is open to new projects with Industry.

Business and industrial collaborations

See our portfolio of collaborations here.

Training courses

CMA provides courses for business professionals in different areas of knowledge. Forthcoming courses:

  • Course Title: "Introdução ao R"
    • Dates: 27th and 28th of January 2020  
    • Cost per person: 180€ (150€ for students) 

Past courses here.