The CMA member Rogério Martins, was nominated to be a member, between 2019-2022, of the Committee for Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics of the European Mathematical Society.


Visiting Researcher positions in Mathematics at Centre of Mathematics and Applications (CMA).

Duration: from 14 to 21 days, during 2019.

Next call: April.


The member of the Operations Research Group, Paula Amaral, was elected for the Europt Managing Board.


 As a result of the CEEC 2017 (Concurso de Estímulo ao Emprego Científico de 2017) open by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia), Marcos has started on the 1st of May his grant at CMA. Welcome Marcos!


International call is now open (5 to 20th July) to hire a PhD Researcher in the scope of the Project PTDC/MAT-STA/28243/2017, PREFERENTIAL: Improving spatial estimation and survey design through preferential sampling in fishery and biological applications.


It is open an Assistant Researcher position, in the area of Computer Science and Information and/or Mathematics, with emphasis on Big Data Analytics, Big Data Engineering, and Data Science. The call started on the 28th of March for 30 working days.



A multidisciplinary team including mathematicians, ecologists and biologists, and coordinated by our Researcher Member Jorge Orestes Cerdeira, has proposed a mathematical method to understand and better explore the ecological niche of a species.


Professor Rogério Martins was invited to give a prestigious lecture at the International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2018).

The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the largest conference for the topic of mathematics and it is held every 4 years.


Carlos A. Coelho is on the Editorial Board of: New Book Series - Springer


C. Saiago, jointly with C. Johnson published a book in the Cambridge University Press, Eigenvalues, Multiplicities and Graphs (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics). This book gives a unified development of how the graph of a symmetric matrix influences the possible multiplicities of its eigenvalues.