• Computer and Network Services
    • Workstations "Markov" and "Leibnitz"
To access to Markov and Leibnitz workstations you need to get an account with the Markov Administrator (dm.informatica@fct.unl.pt). 
To connect inside the FCT campus you need a shh console using the server name "markov.dm.fct.unl.pt" or "leibnitz.dm.fct.unl.pt" and the credentials provided by the Administrator. To connect outside of the FCT campus you also need to get the VPN access provided by the Head of the Mathematical Department. You can get the VPN client in the web page https://www.div-i.fct.unl.pt/servicos/vpn


  • Library
    • Physical books may be booked at the central Library of FCT/NOVA
    • CMA has access to the digital libraries:
The FCT/NOVA Library, through the Center for Mathematics and Applications, has access to Springer's Mathematics and Statistics eBooks collections for the years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 (books from 2005 to 2008 are available through  B-ON).
These 5 annual collections contain more than 2,100 titles and integrate all the books edited in these 5 years by Springer on Mathematics and related fields: Analysis, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Computational Mathematics, Stochastic Processes, History of Mathematics, Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics, Theory of Numbers, etc.
This set of titles can be consulted through the FCT catalog
(https://opac.fct.unl.pt/) or through Springer Link (www.springerlink.com).
The consultation of the books of this collection within the FCT Campus does not require authentication, outside the Campus it is necessary to use the CLIP credentials.