One postdoctoral fellowship is opened at Centre for Mathematics and Applications (CMA) within the scope of the project Semigroups: Conjugacy, Computation, Crystals and Combinatorics.


Two MSc fellowships are opened at NOVA.id.FCT – Associação para a Inovação e Desenvolvimento da FCT, with the internal reference “#B21NI”, under the scope of the project PREFERENTIAL: Improving Spatial Estimation and Survey Design Through Preferential Sampling in Fishery and Biological Applications, PTDC/MAT-STA/28243/2017.


International call is now open (5 to 20th July) to hire a PhD Researcher in the scope of the Project PTDC/MAT-STA/28243/2017, PREFERENTIAL: Improving spatial estimation and survey design through preferential sampling in fishery and biological applications.


It is open an Assistant Researcher position, in the area of Computer Science and Information and/or Mathematics, with emphasis on Big Data Analytics, Big Data Engineering, and Data Science. The call started on the 28th of March for 30 working days.