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One of the main strategies developed by CMA is to promote the exchange of knowledge with other sciences. It is important to engage with the users of mathematics, given them the support for their research on one hand, and on another hand, to direct mathematical researchers that seek real-life problems.
A number of researchers of CMA, from different research groups, have directed their expertise on distinct mathematical subjects to address issues in biological, health and data science research areas. CMA congregates the work on these topics as a strategic endeavor, and a fundamental step to:

  1. Align with NOVA University strategy (e.g. NOVA Health);
  2. Promote collaborations with other departments of the Faculty (departments of Computer Science, Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Environmental Engineer);
  3. Disseminate knowledge collaborating on thematic Master and Ph.D. programmes;
  4. Develop innovative solutions, with mathematical tools, to address problems in these areas.