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Nowadays, the volume of big data is growing enormously, challenging scientists to provide new ways of organizing and analyze it, in order to be able to extract hidden knowledge in the data, and build new automated decision and intelligent reasoning systems.

Solutions to these challenges require expertise from multidisciplinary areas including statistics, computer science, computing, for the study of the efficient processing of large volumes of data aiming to support decision making including, classification tasks, forecasting, optimization, and visualization.

The Mathematics Department together with the Informatics Department (both of FCT/NOVA) prepared, in 2018, the first "Master in Analysis and Engineering of Big Data" in Portugal. The research units, CMA and NOVA LINCS, are engaged to develop this area as a strategic endeavor of FCT/NOVA.

In the Institutional Call to Scientific Employment Stimulus 2018 promoted by FCT, the two research centers obtained funding for the hiring of an Assistant Investigator in the area of "Big Data analysis for sustainability". This grant is oriented to the achievement of scientific missions and challenges within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030. The call is now open - see the details here.

This recent thematic line results from a joint effort to promote interdisciplinary research and is taking its first steps towards what we expect to be an area of great social impact.