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Biology is nowadays a focal discipline for many sciences, and its connexion to mathematics, in particular, significantly grew during the last years (R.M. May, Uses and abuses of mathematics in biology. Science 303: 790–793, 2004). Complex mathematical models are increasingly used in studies from various fields of biology, and sophisticated computer applications produce results that support actions by decision makers.

The enormous variety of mathematical questions addressed (e.g, modelling suitable conditions for species, estimating impacts of climate change, study of emerging diseases, cancer modelling, etc), and the speed at which studies are developed to respond to pressing questions, are factors that incur serious risks regarding the suitability of models and, consequently, on conclusions and eventual decisions (A.J. Davis, L.S. Jenkinson, J.H. Lawton, B. Shorrocks, S. Wood, Making mistakes when predicting shifts in species range in response to global warming. Nature 391: 783-786, 1998; L. Craig, Complexity and the problem of ill-posed questions in ecology, Ecological Complexity 8: 60–67, 2011). Thus, there is an urgent need for a greater interaction between mathematicians and biologists.




18/10/2019 I Workshop in BioMathematics

10/10/2019 Mathematical Biology Day 2019

17/10/2018 Mathematical Biology Day 2018



[MBio] DCV - DM Seminars 

16/07/2019  Daniel Sobral, Computational Multi-Omics, UCIBIO - Requimte | Discovering markers of intra-tumour heterogeneity from the analysis of public cancer genomic data

20/03/2019 Jorge Orestes Cerdeira - Departamento de Matemática e Centro de Matemática e Aplicações | Separação