MATER 2013 - "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013”


The year 2013 was declared internationally "Mathematics of Planet Earth 2013" (see In Portugal, the official page of the event is

Through the exhibition MATER, the CMA and the Mathematics Department of FCT/NOVA intends to:

  •      participate in the initiative, thus contributing to the dissemination of Mathematics as an all-present science in the timeless daily life;
  •      to disclose the link between mathematics and other areas of knowledge;
  •      promote the dissemination of the historical-cultural heritage of the southern region, namely through the mathematical classification of symmetry patterns identified in monuments and art pieces;
  •      prepare a touristic itinerary of the southern region for the dissemination of its patrimony, including its scientific classification;
  •      contribute to the understanding and dissemination of Mathematics presenting various didactic activities for students of primary and secondary schools.