On the Amick-Fraenkel conjecture

Analisys Seminar | Eugene Shargorodsky

Analisys Seminar

Speaker: Eugene Shargorodsky, King’s College London, Londres

Date: 26/07/2017

Time: 14h00

Place: Room 1.6, building. VII

Abstract: In 1987, C.J. Amick and L.E. Fraenkel published a paper on the behaviour of the Stokes wave of extreme form near its crest, where they obtained a complete asymptotic expansion for the angle between the wave profile and the horizontal. Their derivation of the expansion relied on an assumption of linear independence over the rationals of solutions of a certain transcendental equation, which is still an open question. The talk is intended to be a non-technical survey of some results related to the Amick-Fraenkel conjecture and ranging from fluid dynamics to number theory.