Regularity of interfaces for a Pucci type segregation problem

Analisys Seminar  | Verónica Quítalo

Analisys Seminar

Speaker: Verónica Quítalo, CoLab UT Austin / Universidade de Coimbra

Date: 2017, 15th november

Time: 4.00 pm

Place: Room 1.5, building. VII



In this talk we will start giving a brief review about  a segregation model with nonlinear diffusion that evolve to a  free boundary problem as a motivation for our problem. Then we will  present our latest results for the regularity of the limit solution as well as the regularity of the  free boundary. Our results revisit the regularity theory introduced by Luis Caffarelli and generalized for the nonlinear setting by Pei-Yong Wang for a two-phase free boundary problem, namely that flat free boundaries are  $C^{1,\alpha}$. This is a joint work with Luis Caffarelli, Stefania Patrizi and Monica Torres.