Mathematics in the Making-Mima (2013 – 2015)


The Mathematics in the Making (MiMa) project focused on leading primary school students into collaborating in thinking, creating, and evaluating mathematics. Additionally, it aimed to promote a stronger interest and greater skills in Mathematics in these students through hands-on activities. They take the necessary time for a deeper mathematical thinking and reflection, and consequently focus on the learning of mathematical concepts and the development of transversal competencies, participating actively in the construction of their own knowledge. Logic, Probability, Geometry, and Numbers and Operations were covered in the project. More than 1,600 students (aged 8-10 years) and approximately 110 primary school teachers were involved (12 schools, 750 students, and 39 teachers from Portugal). The project was co-financed by the European Union (277,000 euros, 41,000 euros for the Portuguese team) from 12/1/2013 to 11/30/2015 and involved partners from Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. The only partner in Portugal was NOVA University. It was evaluated by the European Commission as a Success Story (of Education and Culture) and considered a model to be used as inspiration for future appliers for European funding. The MiMa project involved members of all groups. Tools are available on the website .