Product of independent generalized gamma distribution with application

Seminário de Estatística e Gestão do Risco

By Vusi R. Bilankulu, Departament of Statistics, University of Pretoria  (PhD student)

Data: 13 dezembro 2017 (4ª feira)

Local: Sala 1.7, ed. VII, FCT NOVA

Hora: 14h30

Abstract: The generalized gamma distribution has received much attention primarily due to its flexibility and also having some of well-known distributions as its special cases. This presentation concerns the statistic defined as a ratio of independent generalized gamma random variables and shows that it can represented as product of independent generalized gamma random variables with some re-parametrisation. The exact distribution of this statistic will be studied in terms of a characteristic function and also using special functions. Near-exact distributions for the statistics will be introduced and studied in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Furthermore, near-exact distribution distributions will be contrasted against exact distributions as well as other approximate methods. Possible applications will be considered.

Keywords: Approximations, special functions, characteristics functions, near-exact distributions 


Financiado através do projeto UID/MAT/00297/2013.