Some results on epidemiological models and on prey-predator models

Carlota Rebelo,   CMAFCIO/FC/UL

Data: 26/2/2018

Hora: 14h00

Local: Sala 1.19- Edifício VII, FCT-UNL



Mathematical analysis is a useful tool to give insights in very different mathematical biology problems.

In this talk we will present two examples of this fact. First of all we consider a simple epidemiological  model with heterogeneity and discuss the relation between variance in the susceptibility of the individuals and prevalence of infection.Then we consider predator-prey models. Using the notion of basic reproduction  number $R_0$, given by Nicolas Baca\"er in the case of periodic models, we prove uniform persistence when $R_0 >1$.  We will give some examples such as models including  competition among predators, prey- mesopredator-superpredator models and  Leslie-Gower systems.

This talk is based in joint works with N. Baca\"er, M. Garrione, M.G.M. Gomes and A. Margheri.