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Smart Security

The Portuguese Network for Mathematics in Industry and Innovation (PT-MATHS-IN), is promoting Portugal as the centre of Industrial Mathematics in Europe for two days in the forthcoming October.

The PT-MATHS-IN consortium of the thirteen main Portuguese mathematics research centres serves as an interface between the Portuguese Industry and the industrial mathematics community. PT-MATHS-IN also acts as the national representative of Portugal in the European Service Network for Mathematics in Industry and Innovation (EU-MATHS-IN).

On October 19, Lisbon will host the workshop (Mathematics for) Smart Security, including subjects like Emergency Evacuation, Criminal Behaviour, Cyber-security, Food-security, Digital Privacy, Fraud Prevention or Data Protection. Security is one of the main concerns nowadays. Societal security challenges are spread across many different areas and aspects of society, for instance in cybernetics, finance, insurance, health, housing, network, defence, logistics, food, just to mention a few. Mathematics tools are often required do deal with these problems and are essential to derive effective solutions. For instance, cryptography has applications in data security, optimization in house and cities surveillance, logistics and networks, statistics in fraud management. In a broader classification Modelling, Simulation and Optimization (MSO) have been dealing with many problems arising from security problems. We have coined this broad area of research as SMART SECURITY which we hope to launch and propose as the subject of PT-MATHS-IN'2018 meeting. After last year success achieved with the Big Data conference, this event aims to bring together Academy and Industry in the discussion of areas of great scientific relevance and with high societal impact.

This workshop will be preceded, on October 18, by the annual meeting of the EU-MATHS-IN council, and the presentation of CORE-TEAM, the new European project between mathematics and top European industry.

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