"Cientificamente Provável" Program

Cientificamente Provável


The "Cientificamente Provável" is a joint initiative of the State Secretariat of Education, through the School Libraries’ Network, and the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education. It aims to intensify the cooperation and the promotion of knowledge and to contribute to the enrichment of students’ training paths by establishing closer links between higher education institutions and basic and secondary schools, through the intermediation of school libraries. Additional goals include:

• to strength young people's motivation for acquiring knowledge and for pursuit of higher education;
• to develop young people's skills in research, communication and literacy of information;
• to involve young people in citizen science dynamics and collaborative learning practices.
C.M.A. joined this initiative having established partnerships, in the present school year, with the following schools: Escola Básica Integrada da Bobadela, Escola Secundária Daniel Sampaio (Almada), Escola Secundária José Gomes Ferreira (Lisboa), Escola Secundária de Paço de Arcos, Escola Secundária D. Manuel I (Beja), Escola Básica e Secundária Josefa de Óbidos (Lisboa), Escola Secundária Jorge Peixinho (Montijo) and Escola Secundária Quinta do Marquês (Oeiras).

Website: http://www.rbe.min-edu.pt/np4/2164.html