Improving Blood Flow Simulations: A Velocity Control Approach

Título: Improving Blood Flow Simulations: A Velocity Control Approach

by Jorge Tiago, CEMAT, Instituto Superior Técnico


Data: 10/10/2018

Hora: 14h00

Local: Sala 1.4 - Edifício VII, FCT-UNL


Vascular diseases, such as brain aneurysms and atherosclerosis, are the main cause of death in western countries. Such pathologies are not fully understood and lack precise diagnosis procedures. The mathematical modeling of blood flow in the cardiovascular system, both in normal and pathological conditions, can provide a computational tool to be used for diagnosis, prognosis or training purposes. In this sense, accurate numerical simulations must be achieved in order to be considered reliable. Nevertheless, important data required to close the mathematical model is usually missing. To overcome such difficulty, data assimilation techniques can be used.

In this talk, we will describe a velocity tracking approach that can be applied in several scenarios where individualized simulations are looked for. Such approach is based in the solution of an optimal control problem. Several mathematical and numerical aspects related to these issues will be discussed.