TRANSFISH - Transgenerational acclimation of temperate fish species to climate change

Funding body: FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Project reference: PTDC/BIA-BMA/28647/2017
Starting date: October 1, 2018
Duration in months: 36
Participant Institutions: MARE, IPMA, CCMar & CMA/NOVA
Members of CMA involved: Regina Bispo (Centro de Matemática e Aplicações)

The project aims to understand the transgenerational acclimation capabilities of temperate marine fishes to climate change. Parents and offspring of a commercially important species will be acclimated to warming and hypercapnia levels expected to the end of the century (Projeto MARE - Marta Pimentel, Centro de Ciências do Mar do Algarve e CMA/FCTNOVA

Funding: 5 599,71€ managed by CMA members.