Lecture Series "Women Mathematicians Legacy"


These series of lectures intend to promote the life and work of great women mathematicians.

* 20/03 (Wed) - Prof.ª Isabel Natário (DM FCT NOVA) 
Women in Statistics
Anf. 1B VII - 2.30pm

* 17/04 (Wed) - Prof.ª Cecília Perdigão (DM FCT NOVA) 
Anf. 1B VII - 2.30pm

* 29/05 (Wed) - Prof.ª Ana Luísa Custódio (DM FCT NOVA) 
Ada Lovelace 
Anf. 1B VII - 2.30pm 

* 19/06 (Wed) - Prof.ª Ana Cristina Casimiro (DM FCT NOVA) 
Maryam Mirzakhani
Anf. 1B VII - 2.30pm