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Seminar in the Thematic Line “Mathematical Modeling in Ecology, Evolution and Genetics"

Título: Understanding systems using simple mathematical models

Orador: Prof. Kevin Duffy (PhD, University of Virginia) - Director, Institute of Systems Science (ISS), Durban University of Technology, Durban, South Africa

Data: 19/6/2017

Hora: 11h

Local: Auditório Manuel Laranjeira (Building #1, room 1.5), FCT-NOVA


Our research at the ISS is diverse with the common thread being the application of computational methods to ‘real world’ questions from the sciences. A strong emphasis of this has been in the natural science. Much of this work has been to understand environmental issues using interdisciplinary research by combining the mathematical, physical and biological sciences and in particular using computational models. This endeavour is a large focus of our present research.

I will discuss this work broadly touching on some of our projects including

  • Investigations of the importance of animal movements in relation to ecosystem dynamics. We currently have a large amount of GPS data of elephant positions for comparison to conceptual and computational system models.
  • Studies of plant herbivore dynamics.
  • The possibility that ecosystem sustainability can reduces infectious diseases