Operations Research

The Operational Research (OR) group is one the research groups at the Centre of Mathematics and Applications (CMA) hosted by the Department of Mathematics of NOVA University Lisbon.
The group aims to develop high quality research at an international level in the general area of operations research, with a focus on optimization. The OR group develops its activity mainly in nonlinear optimization and combinatorial optimization, where is included algorithmic development and implementation. Whenever possible, research should be associated with knowledge transfer to the industry. 
- Nonlinear optimization: fractional quadratic problems, semidefinite programming, complementarity problems, and derivative-free optimization are some of the areas in which the group members had a relevant impact. 
- Combinatorial optimization: relevant contributions include facility and hub location problems, project scheduling, timetabling, and facility layout optimization.
There is also a strong component of applications, some of them in collaboration with industry, requiring not only algorithmic development but also modelling skills. Contributions appear in supply chain design, reverse logistics, biology of conservation, health and aging related problems.
The group is strongly committed with graduated programs (MSc and PhD), as well with science disclosure to the society.