Research Opportunities

CMA has a regular programme for "Visiting Researchers". During the year, each research group of CMA is invited to propose a visit of a distinguished researcher that will present a course at CMA.

The CMA intends to take advantage of the Visiting Researcher Programme to:
- promote research with high-level international researchers;
- recover researchers with lower productivity;
- improve the quality of Ph.D. programmes.

There are other international exchange programmes and mobility activities for students, professors and researchers, aiming to improve education level, the quality of research and teaching activities:


Financial support from:

Fellowships - ongoing

International call is now open (5 to 20th July) to hire a PhD Researcher in the scope of the Project PTDC/MAT-STA/28243/2017, PREFERENTIAL: Improving spatial estimation and survey design through preferential sampling in fishery and biological applications.


It is open an Assistant Researcher position, in the area of Computer Science and Information and/or Mathematics, with emphasis on Big Data Analytics, Big Data Engineering, and Data Science. The call started on the 28th of March for 30 working days.