Members of CMA are involved in software development, including:

Research software

Solving Tools:

    • a solver for constrained or unconstrained derivative-free optimization problems:: SID-PSM
    • a solver for multiobjective derivative-free optimization problems: DMS , BoostDMS
    • a solver suited for global derivative-free constrained optimization: GLODS
    • a solver suited for global derivative-free multiobjective constrained optimization: MultiGLODS
    • an open-source application, licensed under the GPL v3, designed to select connectivity linkages for distinct types of habitats, under a cost-efficient protocol: MulTyLink
    • a package for selecting variable subsets. Contributed packages of The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN): SubselectCHECK DOWNLOADS HERE.
    • a package with several nonparametric randomness tests. Contributed packages of The Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN): Randtests
    • a computational module with the implementation of the exact distribution and approximations for the Bartels randomness test statistic: see Appendix
    • a package with the implementation of the main threshold selection methods: see here 

Theorem prover tools:

    • the kernel of a Theorem Prover interface: ProverX (under construction)
    • a package to find Forbidden Structure Conjectures: Forbidden Theorems
    • a package to find a base of identities for the variety of semigroups it generates: Semigroup Varieties
    • a package to translate proofs from Prover9 to other Automated Theorem Provers: Translator
    • a package to humanize proofs from Prover9: XPlain

Applied software

Experimental mathematics software

Development of Mathematical Games