Statistics and Risk Management

The Statistics and Risk Management (SRM) group is one the four research groups at the Centre of Mathematics and Applications (CMA) hosted by the Department of Mathematics of NOVA University Lisbon.
The  SRM group aims to create competitive research by dealing with modern and worldwide studied statistical problems.
The SRM group activity covers a wide range of subjects that are encompassed in three main research lines, to wit, Statistical Inference, Distribution Theory and Actuarial and Financial Mathematics.
Statistical Inference  studies various extensions of linear models with special focus in analysis of variance for models with a random number of observations.
In the line of Distribution Theory there were two main research subjects: near-exact distributions for likelihood ratio test statistics and extreme value theory.
In Actuarial and Financial Mathematics the themes spread over the classical actuarial problems in risk theory, to new models for pricing and hedging derivative products, passing through Markov chain models applications to credit scoring and insurance bonus-malus models.
The group benefits from wide international relations, with Europe, United States and Africa. The PhD  in Statistics and Risk Management, associated to this group, receives a significative number of students from South American and African Portuguese speaking countries, namely: Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola and Mozambique.